RangDePSH is a brand created with a vision to effortlessly fuse contemporary silhouettes with traditional interpretations making an everlasting impression.  We believe in blending the antique with the new with the innovative use of fabrics. Our designs embody glamour and sophistication. The fabrics we use are handpicked by trained team members to  bring our clients nothing but the best.  Focusing on minimal yet strong detailing, we give our clients something special for every event. With the electric choice of colors and designs, we create silhouettes for both men and women.



RangDePOSH is a brand created by a self taught, fashion designer, Rutvija Pandya. She is passionate about creating pieces that complement all body types. She was born a painter and shifted her hues to pursue her life long dream of becoming a doctor. Soon after she graduated medical school, Rutvija turned the canvas of her life to pursue a hobby, which then converted into her very own fashion label. She has a different prism though which she sees fashion. Her creations are Bright, Bold and Beautiful wihile keeping comfort as her number one priority. She truly believes the clothes you wear are an extension of who you are. Her talent is evident through her outstanding collection that guarantees to wow our clients.

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