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Rang DePosh is simply amazing. I cannot say enough great things about this team. From initial conversations to sketches to designing through a pandemic and getting the final products in hand, it was a great experience. RangdePosh understood what I was looking for and made design recommendations based on an artistic eye and what would look best. The sizing and fitting was accurate with enough margin for any changes. The outfits were comfortable and turned out as imagined. I cannot wait to collaborate on future ideas! Thank you again, RangdePosh.
Neha Mirchandani
If you're looking for an outfit to wear at a cultural event like a wedding or an engagement but feel like your closet is out of date, RangDePOSH is your answer!! If you're looking for a customized modern garment for your BIG day, again, RangDePOSH is your answer!! From our recent experience, we must truly say RangDePOSH made our outfit selection process seamless. They made our imaginations come to reality by first drawing up a sketch with the pages full of ideas we brainstormed together, then helping pick the colors based on the theme of our event. RangDePOSH had so many amazing creative ideas that helped us along the way to finalize the style...
Hi! I just wanted to say thank you so much for customizing my baby shower outfit! From the beginning, Rang De POSH was so easy to work with. You guys were able to make my vision come to life perfectly! I loved everything about the dress and received so many compliments!
Puja P.


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