The concept behind RangDePOSH is creating contemporary outfits while keeping traditional styles in mind. The line is a collaboration of styles from both the Eastern and Western part of the world. The base of our line comes from various parts of India. Each of our outfits are designed with a touch of traditions form the motherland.

What makes RangDePOSH different from our competitors is that we provide options for matching outfits for couples. Matching outfits option will not only be available for the designs available for purchase on our website, but this option will be available for those who would like to create customized outfits.

Our mission is to provide clients with products that will make them feel comfortable in what they’re wearing without compromising the look. We want to create statement pieces that look and feel elegant, sophisticated and Royal as well as affordable.


RangDePOSH is a brand created by Rutvija Pandya. She is a New Jersey- based, self taught, fashion designer who is passionate about combining modern and traditional styles in her work. Rutvija pursued her dream and graduated with a degree in Medicine. Before starting her own line, she designed clothes for friends and family for various events. She then decided to pursue her hobby further and make it into her career. She took a turn into the fashion industry to start her own fashion label. She designs each outfits while paying much attention to minute details to provide the best products to her clients. She hand pick each material to ensure top of the line quality.


Mona Patel: Stylist

Vijay Ahlawat: Communications

Sneha Mistry: Events